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Hello, I'm Adjuan, a registered nurse with over two decades of experience. I was born and raised in New Orleans and am proud to be a wife, mother of three, and Yaya. Helping others has always been my passion, starting from a young age. I fulfilled my dream of working in the fast-paced emergency room as a trauma nurse, where I honed my skills. Throughout my career, I have gained expertise in various areas, including community nursing, home health care, pain management, and psychiatric nursing.

In 2017, I found myself grappling with profound depression and anxiety. Determined to find a natural and holistic alternative to the side effects of pharmaceutical medications, I embarked on a personal journey exploring herbal medicine. This led me to become certified as a Medical Cannabis Nurse, Holistic Wellness Coach, and herbalist, driven by my quest for a higher quality of life.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, I took a leap of faith and established Blended Roots Wellness and Consulting. Specializing in women's mental health and wellness, I offer a unique blend of expertise in both traditional nursing practices and holistic approaches. My passion stems not only from my professional experience in healthcare, witnessing the trial and error within practices, but also from my personal battles with anxiety and depression. I am dedicated to advocating for and empowering women who are facing similar mental health challenges.

By taking a holistic approach, I aim to address the root causes of issues rather than simply applying temporary solutions.

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At Blended Roots Wellness & Consulting, our mission is to empower women who are bravely facing the challenges of anxiety and depression. Led by Adjuan, RN, a compassionate registered nurse with a deep understanding of these struggles, we provide a safe haven where women can find solace, support, and holistic solutions. With a personalized approach tailored to each individual, we aim to transform lives by nurturing mental well-being, restoring inner balance, and cultivating resilience. Through our unwavering commitment and expertise, we empower women to reclaim their joy, strength, and vitality. Together, we will conquer the shadows and embrace a life filled with hope, healing, and boundless possibilities.

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